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Necker Belle

Necker Belle: How she came to be

We all know that Virgin is altruistic, yet were you aware that this charity also extended to yachts?

That's right, the fate of Necker Belle formally known as Lady Barbaretta, was once in question when the gentleman that was building her spent his fortune doing so.

It was intended that she would be the fastest, the sportiest and of course the most beautiful yacht in the Mediterranean. Unfortunately, she had to be sold just short of achieving this goal.

After a quick sale, Necker Belle was finished and put on the market again and that's when Virgin came along. After recognising her unique appeal, Virgin Limited Edition rescued her and sailed her back to Australia for the final touches she missed out on the first time around.

Soon will be her second coming and she will be as beautiful as the first boat builder imagined.

The works undertaken have been significant; all to ensure that comfort is number one. For example, the sofa has been hand built modelled off a couch that Richard fell in love with when staying at a hotel in Australia. That's just the start, the yacht's full of treats such as that.

With just ten weeks till she feels the ocean on her keel, Necker Belle is already looking like she's going to be the Belle of the Ball.

All going to plan, Necker Belle should sail to her namesake Necker Island by the end of January.What a great day that will be!

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