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Necker Belle

Merry Christmas from the Necker Belle crew!

Our Christmas was a little late as we had gale force conditions against us, which meant the actual Christmas day was spent beating to weather in huge seas. We pulled into port at 11pm on Christmas night, so Boxing Day was reserved for Christmas lunch.

Thankfully Santa still found us and delivered gifts for all. We had a great few hours on anchor which meant the crew could have Christmas lunch together at the one time (rather than some on deck!).

On that though, I'm conscious I haven't introduced you to the rest of the crew:

In order that they joined us: our Bosun and Sub Pilot Matt (Finn) Finneran from North Carolina. Matt joined us in August, completed his Dive Instructor training and has become an integral member of the crew. The son of an Olympic Diver (his dad) and a 27-time national dive champion (his mum), Matt's extremely handy at whatever he puts his hands to.

Scott our chef, after finishing his apprenticeship in Australia's Port Douglas, Scott moved to London to work as the private chef for a number of high profile families. After helping London's Trinity become "Rosette Guide's Best Restaurant of the Year" Scott ventured onto boats and never looked back. Not only is Scott incredibly talented in the Galley, he's also a keen skydiver and is halfway to becoming a sky dive instructor!

Then onto our First Mate Matt Riddell, Matt also continues the theme of flying through the air, but in the more traditional sense. Along with being a very handy seaman, Matt is 20 hours away from obtaining his helicopter licence. Matt's achievements also include successfully completing a circumnavigation backwards, that is against the prevailing weather conditions.

And lastly, our stewardess and token Kiwi Nicki Groves, Nicki brings a great deal of service experience and fun to the Necker Belle. Prior to sailing, Nicki was based in London working as a primary school teacher and managing a catering business in the evenings. Yet once Nicki sailed from Fiji to New Zealand with her parents, she was hooked on yachting and has sought work on yachts ever since.

Til the next update from the high seas,

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