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Necker Belle

Final preparations.

Do let me apologise for the lapse since my last blog, things have been a little crazier than normal!

We've had a wonderfully busy three weeks, with the final preparations taking place for departure. The crew have been literally working around the clock to get the boat ready to sail.

Part of our preparations was a test run' down to Sydney for a week to test all the systems one last time, before we headed out to the big blue.


Coming into Sydney Harbour was pretty exciting; it was close to three years ago that we actually arrived in Sydney Harbour from Necker Island. So it was surreal to be back, knowing we were days from departing for Necker Island once more.

The highlight of the Sydney trip was definitely hosting the media, who really did ensure they made the most of what the yacht had to offer. After sipping champagne on the aft deck, Andy a journalist from Time out suddenly reappeared in his cosies, and dove off the 5m diving board into Sydney Harbour!

Without much convincing, soon most of the assembled media were in the water, all trying to outdo each other's dive styles! It was hilarious!

It was wonderful to see Necker Belle finally being used the way she should be!

The trip to Sydney also allowed us to take some publicity shots, which turned out incredibly well. Here's a quick look at some that were taken over the time in Sydney.


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