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Necker Belle

A wedding on Necker Belle

Want to know a fact? The Norwegian marital laws state that a ship's Captain can marry a Norwegian couple not only that but the Captain has the power to grant them a divorce should they want that too!

Jono officiating the wedding ceremony

So when good friend of Virgins Terje decided to charter Necker Belle, he asked Jono if he would consider marrying his sister Janne and her fiance Torgeir whilst in Corsica!

What a huge honour! Jono was overwhelmed and indeed very happy to partake in such a ceremony.

So, our charter preparations soon became wedding preparations, with red carpets, wedding chairs, masses of orchids and roses and 300 helium balloons all piling onto the yacht in when we landed in port in Bonifacio.

On the big day, the guests went ashore for lunch and the gorgeous bride Janne stayed on board to indulge in Kims (our Spa therapist) many treatments. Whilst Janne was in Kim's good hands, the rest of the crew turned the boat into a magnificent wedding venue in a matter of hours.

So how did it go?

Jono performed the ceremony impeccably! All commented on the fact that should he wish to get out of sailing yachts, there's a job waiting for him as a marriage celebrant!

The party went on until the wee hours, with the crew all invited to share in the festivities.

Janne and Torgeir were married on 22 June in Bonifacio on board Necker Belle. It was a day that none of us will ever forget!

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