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Necker Belle

A Major Milestone

In three months time, we'll be throwing off the ropes and setting sail for Necker Island.

With not long to go, we hit a major milestone this week with the successful commissioning of Necker Belle's major systems.

What does that mean? Well, since being here we've rebuilt both main engines and installed two new generators; and this week we turned them on.

The anticipation had been building up for months, as each day getting closer to the date of commissioning.

Tuesday 28 July had been firmly in the diary for months; it was the date all other electrical wiring would be complete, which meant the main engines could be turned on.

So you could imagine Goce, our engineer's delight when after two years in the making, all came to life at the flick of a switch!

Goce after a successful day's work
Goce after a successful day

This sort of commissioning would normally occur in the water, as the systems require seawater for cooling. Unlike your car radiator, a marine diesel engine requires seawater to act as a coolant for the engine to operate.

So unusually we set up a water tower underneath Necker Belle to simulate the sea, and everything went swimmingly.

Most of the engineering works are now complete, with the plumbing, electrics and main engines all commissioned and running smoothly.

The remaining twelve weeks will see the final fit out of both the guest and crew quarters, the dressing and stepping of the mast and all interior items loaded on, ready for the 10,000 nautical mile voyage home that's 11,500 land miles!

Interesting fact: For those that don't know, one nautical mile equals 1.1508 land miles. Why the difference? Well, a nautical mile takes into account the curvature of the earth, whereas a land mile doesn't!

Chat next week!

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