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Mont Rochelle

Mont Rochelle news: All about the wine

Mont Rochelle
Photo by @michyparkin

Our Mont Rochelle vineyard boasts sauvignon blanc, chardonnay, merlot, shiraz and cabernet sauvignon. included are small blocks of mouvedre, petit verdot, viognier and the newly grafted semillon.

The vineyards are situated from 250m to 400m above sea level, which gives a wide range of micro climates. Mediterranean-like conditions found in the Western Cape means dry summers and high winter rainfalls of 1000mm. The Franschhoek Valley also experiences the south-easter which also helps bring in cooler air allowing for a longer ripening period, lending a hand to more physiologically ripe fruit.

Mont Rochelle
Photo by @abasson

Our cellar

Our 150 year old wine cellar was previously used as a fruit packing shed for the early settlers. Since being converted to a traditional wine cellar we can now process close to 110 tons of grapes in a season, these smaller volumes afford more concentration on quality rather than quantity. Stainless steel tanks aid in the making of the crisp clean whites, while barrels are favoured for the red wine making.

Mont Rochelle
Photo by @kristinaalexa29

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