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Mont Rochelle: "Cape Town is open for business"

Nothing beats a bit of good news and so we were delighted to read the latest press release from the South African Tourism board this week which announced:Annual rains have arrived in Cape Town, bringing with them not only much needed rains, but renewed excitement and reinforcing the message We're open for business!

Those of you who read our blog back in February this year may remember that we wrote about the drought in the Western Cape of South Africa and how it impacted hotels and business. Here at Mont Rochelle we run solely on borehole water and do not rely on the municipal water grid, however as a conscious effort to save water, we did introduce several water saving initiatives. Some of these included; encouraging our guests to take showers instead of baths, switching off our garden irrigation systems and installing aerators on our taps.

Since our last update the winter season and rains have arrived in Cape Town and the Western Cape, and there has been a steady increase in dam water levels. This, coupled with local residents and businesses adapting to a 'water-sensible lifestyle', has given tourism leaders confidence that the region is heading into a full-speed recovery from the water shortages in early in 2018.

The region has also been praised for its rapid and rational response to what was a tough period of drought and both public and private businesses have set an example of water-wise tourism to the world. The report states "In the past year, the City of Cape Town has reduced its daily water usage by over 50%, setting a new world-class standard that the rest of the world should look to emulate."

Following this positive news, we would like to take the chance to thank our guests for their continued support as we work towards a sustainable future.

Read the full press release from Tourism South Africa here

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