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Mahali Mzuri

Weekly Game Report - May

May 2020 - sightings and #sofasafaris

Despite the lock-down, the Olare Motorogi conservancy is still steaming with wildlife and oblivious to what the whole world is going through. It somehow feels like the wildlife has found more room and there is no jostling of space with game drive vehicles that crisscross the conservancy with guests who are curious to catch the best shot!

We ventured out last week to some exclusive game viewing spots within the conservancy and there wasn't a single person or any game vehicles in sight! The grass is towering high due to the long rains that have been pounding the region for months on end.

The sightings did not disappoint and we just wished we could share it in person with all our lovely guests... the good news is we'll be bringing the action to you live with our #SofaSafari series every Wednesday at 3pm BST on Facebook, live from Mahali Mzuri. Just follow @VirginLimitedEdition.

A large herd of zebras have taken over the airstrip now that no planes are landing!

The elephant population has increased significantly due to the high grass habitat as they are bulk feeders.

The Isiketa pride sunbathing right in-front of the camp with their lovely cubs, can you spot the fourth cub? If so you have a guide’s spotter eye!

This young male hippo was just roaming around the conservancy from a nearby hippo pool. Looks like the chap has been kicked out of the pool by the dominant male, so its time to find a home somewhere else and start a family of his own!

Spotted hyenas in action, nature is strange biting wood and mating!

Next week we shall venture out again and see what is happening out there in the bush. One thing is clear though, there is no Covid-19 crisis in the bush and life goes on as normal!

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