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Mahali Mzuri

Weekly Game Report - June

June 2020 - sunsets, sightings and shelter

At the Olare Motorogi conservancy the week felt colder than usual. Lower temperatures and an unusually strong wind meant that, just like humans, the wildlife at the conservancy quickly sought shelter. Even the cat families took shelter early in the day to stave off the blowing winds and cold.

Despite this, the wildlife was still plentiful and our Head Guide, Duncan, captured some absolutely breathtaking shots on his weekly tour of the conservancy to share with you.

If you haven't yet tuned in for our #SofaSafari the good news is that we're live from Mahali Mzuri every Wednesday at 3pm BST on Facebook. Just follow @VirginLimitedEdition and we'll see you there!

A Maasai giraffe quenches his thirst on a hot morning. You can see just how lush the grass has become after the rains!

This beautiful bird perched atop a dead acacia branch is called a Lilac Breasted Roller or, as our guides affectionately say, an LBR!

Careful, the bush has eyes! A female lion from our resident lion pride, nicknamed the "Hammerkop" pride, peers through the bush early in the morning as some zebras risk their lives by walking close by.

An African white-backed vulture swoops low after catching sight of a pack of jackals feeding on a zebra carcass.

We spotted this female buffalo at the end of a rainbow. This beautiful shot was taken as evening rolled in over the plains.

Did you know that the collective noun for a group of giraffes is a 'journey'? This journey is particularly fond of spending their time near the Mahali Mzuri helicopter pad.

A day at our conservancy is never complete without a breathtaking sunset over the plains. Watching the sunset at Mahali Mzuri is a great way to reflect on the day's experiences while listening to the sounds of the bush and enjoying some delicious food and cocktails prepared by our very own Chef Eddie.

We will venture out next week on another game drive and in the meantime, please join us for our weekly Sofa Safari live on Facebook.

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