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Sensational Staycations at Mahali Mzuri

Sensational staycations at Mahali Mzuri – or how to holiday close to home

While international travel may still be on hold and plans for holidays abroad remain temporarily shelved, the easing of local lockdown laws in Kenya means now may be the ideal time to consider a staycation, escaping the city after months stuck at indoors to (re)discover a wealth of natural beauty not too far from home.

Eliminating all the stresses that usually come with international travel – endless passport queues, frustratingly long layovers and hours spent on a plane – means holidaying on home turf also allows for optimal rest and relaxation time in some of Kenya’s remote and spectacular locales.

I am keen, where should I head to?

Staycation with us at Mahali Mzuri located at the heart of the expansive Olare Motorogi Conservancy. Covering 33,000 acres of outstanding natural beauty, the Conservancy directly borders the Maasai Mara National Reserve and covers the lower valleys of the Olare Orok and Ntiakitiak rivers and features large areas of acacia woodland. Ideal for social distancing, the Conservancy only allows a limited number of visitors to the area, making for a truly exclusive wilderness experience.

How do I get to Mahali Mzuri?

Arrive at Mahali Mzuri via a scenic five-hour drive from the capital or a one-hour domestic flight from Nairobi-Wilson Airport to the Olare Orok airstrip (25-minute transfer) or to the Mara North airstrip (one-hour transfer).

What is there to do at Mahali Mzuri?

What is there not to do! Perched on a side of lush valley with views of the rolling plains, Mahali Mzuri is well placed to take in one of Kenya’s most impressive natural events, the annual Great Migration which sees up to one million wildebeest undertake a journey of roughly 1,600 km. The area surrounding the camp is teeming with wildlife and our twice- daily game drives are filled to the brim with exciting animal sightings and dramatic scenery. For something a little different, join us for a game drive at night, a great opportunity to see predominantly nocturnal game including aardvarks and honey badgers.

How do I fit in much-needed rest and relaxation?

Nasaro, our intimate spa located down near the valley floor is ideal for a spot of pampering and while for now our treatment menu may be a little reduced to comply with local health and safety regulations, the relaxation factor nonetheless remains high. Head to our 12-metre outdoor infinity pool for a refreshing dip or simply sit back on the private deck of your luxurious tented suite, binoculars in hand and enjoy your front row seat taking in the stunning views of the wide valley below, providing the perfect natural theatre for game viewing.

What if I need to fit in some, dare I say it, work while I am there?

If you really do need to squeeze in some work while you are staying with us, we can set you up a desk with a view that is bound to beat your regular office view. All that leaves you do to is to connect to the Wi-Fi and change your working from home status to working from camp.

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