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Mahali Mzuri

Mahali Mzuri: The Marvellous Maa Trust

Following the news from the Maa Trust earlier this year, we thought it was time for an update about all the new projects that have recently launched.

MAA Beadwork is going from strength to strength. The 430 women members are working on national and international orders, the largest of which was recently shipped to Australia! The income received by the women is used to help pay for safe, sustainable and efficient household energy, cooking and water systems, which are subsidised by the trust. The women are also able to help pay for school fees, books and uniforms for young girls who are often excluded from education due to cultural norms.

Three ladies from the Maa Beadwork

Photographer: Lorna Buchanan-Jardine

A table full of jewellery and other items created by the Maa Beadwork

Photographer: Lorna Buchanan-Jardine

MAA Honey is booming, bringing income to the 75 women involved with the project with the likelihood for expansion next year. The first harvest of honey sold out almost immediately, so the group are eagerly awaiting the next batch harvest once the blossoms open.

Local schools have also been feeling the benefit of recent developments. Currently the Maa Trust is facilitating sponsored bursaries for six children in primary school, all of whom have come from extremely challenging backgrounds. Since starting school, every student's grades have improved and the impact of a solid education is having an immeasurable impact of their lives and that of their families.

Thanks to ongoing support from Africa Digna, a foundation dedicated to the improvement of living conditions for people in Sub-Saharan Africa, electricity has just gone into the boys dormitory at Olesere school. Toilets have also recently been constructed at Mbitin and Molibany schools that will greatly ease sanitation difficulties. Robin and Stella Podmore, guests from Mahali Mzuri, kindly donated five laptops and a projector to Enkeju Enkorien School. Teachers will shortly be taking IT courses to make the most of this equipment with the ultimate aim of passing on their skills to their students.

Olesere School

Photograph supplied from The Maa Trust

Pupils from Ilbaan Primary

Photograph supplied from The Maa Trust

If you would like to support The Maa Trust, please head to or make a donation via

Alternatively, if you are looking for that truly unique gift this Christmas, The Maa Trust has a fantastic selection of goodies to buy, everything from a beaded snowman to handmade leather laptop bags. Head over to The Maa Beadwork's website to view the full catalogue and place your order -

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