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Mahali Mzuri

Mahali Mzuri: Mahali Mzuri: Jay’s August stay part 6

Catch up with another bush tale from Jay who stayed at Mahali Mzuri in August.

We have spent countless hours searching for leopards. They are just so elusive. Fortunately we were able to see two of them! We found the first one right after he had unsuccessfully hunted a warthog. It was late morning and getting hot, so he went up a tree to take a nap. We photographed him while he was getting settled on the branches directly above us.

A few days later, we found another leopard. He had just caught a female impala, and dragged her up a tree. As he was preparing to eat, she started kicking. This caused him to lose his foothold, and both the leopard and his prey fell about 10 meters to the ground. The struggle then ended, and the leopard enjoyed his meal.

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