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Mahali Mzuri

Mahali Mzuri bush news: July & August sightings

August 2019 - The Great Migration right on our doorstep!

They came running in droves, in their thousands, crossing valleys, rivers and gorges and those that were not lucky enough became prey for the crocs and the cats, the hyenas and finally the vultures!

Finally, they arrived at our Olare Motorogi conservancy, where they could be at peace and were spotted leisurely grazing on the fresh long grass that has covered the area after recent rainfall. The Annual Great Migration that embarks from the Serengeti across the Sand river and the Mara river comprises mainly of wildebeest and zebras. There are also topis, thompson gazelles, as well as lots of vultures and the old ox-pecker, who ride on the zebras backs and help to preen them of ticks.

This month they showed up literally at Mahali Mzuri's doorstep, coming down through the hilly valley, right in front of the camp, and others came from the open valleys.

Wildebeest running across Sand river as they head towards the Maasai Mara

While Migration was taking place, other interesting wildlife phenomena was still happening around Mahali Mzuri, in the surrounding Olare Motorogi conservancy.

One of the Isiketa pride female introduced us to her new cubs and one of them will hopefully take over the reign from the dad and become the next (lion) king!

Now this is the definition of adorable....

And daddy was never far away, checking on the young ones every now and then while securing the whole territory; although he did let our guests to get a little closer! Probably because he knows and trusts our guides Betty and Levi who were taking the shots!

Our resident leopard, Tito, was also not far away; giving our guests a sneak peek at her beauty while reminding them that in the African bush it's all about "hakuna matata"!

Selekei & her grown up cubs

Sometime last year around the months of March / April, we introduced Selekei and her four adorable cubs. Many months down the line all the four cubs are still alive and well, now all grown up, and their incredible mother has finally let them loose to experience the wild bush on their own.

Selekei, the great mum that she has been, is however still seen every now and then watching the little ones from a distance. She is just the epitome of the greatness of mothers!

The four cubs have now become famous around the conservancy and have formed a very strong coalition with very high success rate in hunting. The only female cub is keeping with the brothers but soon she will part ways and go and become a great mum, just like Selekei.

Selekei watching her grown up cubs from a distance

July was not short of interesting sightings around the conservancy!

One lioness decided to climb up a tree!

Just one of our several hippo ponds close to camp which was full of activity!

And we also witnessed a baby giraffe who was only 1 day old!

Look how she fits perfectly in between her mum’s legs, where she is forever safe!

And finally.... the evenings have been simply breath-taking! Even with the odd shower, it resulted in some of the most spectacular clouds formations and sunsets!

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