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Mahali Mzuri

Mahali Mzuri bush news: spots and stripes

The month of October began with the migration season fading off into the Serengeti and the Toppis and Gazelles starting their calving season. The carnivores were happy with fresh food arriving, and we saw these two jackals fighting over a gazelle fawn - it ended up being an action-packed month!

The Prides
The Dik-Dik pride are becoming quite formidable and are beginning to gain confidence in playing with large buffalo herds and even taking down young buffalo calves, so daring!

The Motorogi pride, our resident pride, is still raising the nine cubs by the airstrip and one of the three females was seen bringing the cubs for a drink after feasting on a wild beast.

Leaping lion
One of the Motorogi sub adult male lions got chased up a tree by buffaloes, after he tried to take down a young calf, right in-front of the camp. This was a jaw dropping experience showing just how agile lions can be!

Resident cubs
On 2nd October Tito, our resident leopard, released her three cubs and unfortunately one of the cubs was killed by buffaloes while Tito was walking them to a tree where she had kept a meal of freshly hunted impala.

Tito has been wandering around the camp with her two little cubs and has been seen patrolling by the tents, she is indeed the Queen of Mahali Mzuri!

Spotted....Selenkei and her cheetah cubs
Selenkei, our famous mother cheetah, and her three month-old cubs have been spending a lot of time by the camp, after crossing from Naboisho conservancy to Olare Motorogi conservancy on 9th October.

These zebras strike a pose, whilst keenly watching Selenkei the cheetah play with her cubs, from a safe distance of course.

Thank you to our Head Guide, Duncan Lenjirr, for sharing the October sightings.

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