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Mahali Mzuri

Mahali Mzuri bush news: May sightings

When you think of the Kenyan bush, lush green pastures doesn t usually spring to mind but since the rainfall at the beginning of the year, the team have seen some of the tallest grass ever! Despite the high level of grass, the conservancy did not disappoint with some of the most spectacular sightings photographed by our Head Guide Dixson.

This month we spotted Thompson s gazelle, topis, zebras, warthogs, the resident wildebeests and lots of impalas across the open plains of Mahali Mzuri.

May sightings in Mahali Mzuri

Giraffe sightings

MM sighting 3

Warthog sightings

Zebra sightings

The thriving landscapes and bushes have also made some interesting hiding spots for our big cats.

big cats in the grass

Cats of Maasai Mara

MM sighting 10

Hear me roar

The month of May also came with a special blessing for us with brand new cheetah cubs at Mahali Mzuri plains! A female cheetah named Selekei, introduced her four bouncing and healthy cubs to us! The cubs are around four months old now.

new cubs

Baby cheetahs

Cheetahs spotted

The African Elephants are also known to us as Bulldozers, as they bring down every tree on their path...generally as their food but at the same time to create some route while moving. The rain has therefore been useful to the plains by helping reduce the tree damage to the grounds.

African Elephants

Elephants on the path

Our famous female leopard, Tito, who hangs around the beautiful gorge has two growing cubs, almost four months old now. This month, she gave us another show of her cubs (it's been a while) and they have both now grown up, although they are still very shy! The little male and female cubs are doing very well and we are thrilled to watch them grow and mature into young adults.

Tito the leopard


As we enter the peak migration season we can t wait to see how exciting it will be, with lots of cats and cubs, it's really going to be one wild hunting season!

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