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Mahali Mzuri

Mahali Mzuri bush news: Lush landscapes

January Game Report:

Since the start of the rainy season back in November last year, we’ve noticed a significant change to the land of the Mara and its wildlife.

Many more grazers have moved closer into our Olare Motorogi Conservancy, to hide away from carnivores in the long grass, and it’s starting to look like elephant and buffalo country as these bulk grazers love to eat the long lush green grass.

Family update...
Sadly Selenkei, our mother cheetah, has been left with only one cub now after losing her other two. She can now be spotted towards Naboisho conservancy.

Tito, our resident leopard, can also be seen around camp with her one surviving cub.

Our resident lion pride, nicknamed “Motorogi” or “Hammerkop”, are often seen around the airstrip area as well as at the valley just below the camp. The pride still has all nine cubs, including three females and two big males.

Despite the rains, the game around the conservancy and the camp continued to thrive, even though the very long grass and wet soggy grounds even hindered our guides from off road driving!

One of the three Motorogi pride females was spotted dragging a zebra kill to the bush away from any prying hyenas and vultures.

Thank you to our Head Guide, Duncan Lenjirr, for sharing the January sightings.

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