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Mahali Mzuri

Mahali Mzuri bush news: Celebrating World Lion day

To celebrate World Lion Day our Mahali Mzuri guides have given us a peek into the lions within Olare Motorogi Conservancy.

The Olare Motorogi Conservancy has as estimated 52 individual Lions which are commonly sighted. We also are lucky to be able to spot nomadic Lions who follow the annual migration.

The 44 regularly spotted individuals below to two major prides the Enkuyanai Pride and the Monico Pride. The 8 Lions commonly sighted and not linked with the existing prides are 3 female lions and their young. Some of these lone females and their young have been given nicknames including Nguro and her some Jicho, Rusty and her son and an unnamed female with two young males and one female cub.

Enkuyanai PrideThe Enkuyanai pride dominates the area around Mahali Mzuri down the valley to Ntiak Ntiak River. The pride has 26 members including

  • 2 dominant males
  • 4 fully grown females
  • 11 sub-adults (7 male and 4 female)
  • 9 young cubs (3-6 months)

The Enkuyanai pride splintered for a time, from the sub-adults, while the adult females had young cubs. The female adults separated to a breeding site during birth and early life of the cubs. The sub-adults have been frequently sighted bringing down wildebeest around Mahali Mzuri. They appeared to be a successful hunting force even without the guidance of any adult females. The pride are now reunited and the whole pride of 26 are often spotted hunting and socialising.

Monico PrideThe Monico prides territory is located from Narunyo down to the Ntiak Ntiak River in the southern part of the conservancy. The pride has 18 members including;

  • 2 dominant males
  • 4 adult females
  • 12 cubs (3 months 1 year)

The hunting for the Monico pride is led by 2 female adults who are active and sharp hunters. This hunting duo is very successful and rarely misses their targets. These matriarchss are strong hunters and keep the pride feed and healthy.

Solo LionsNguro, Rusty and the (as yet) unnamed female and their cubs have been roaming the Motorogi River. All of the females have proven to be successful hunters for their cubs.

Nguro is often spotted on her favorite rock opposite the Mahali Mzuri spa. She is frequently seen with her son hunting and basking in the sun in front of the camp. During a period of 3 months Nguro and son have been spotted with 5 successful kills in the valley in front of Mahali Mzuri.

To find out more information about World Lion Day please visit their website.

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