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Mahali Mzuri

Mahali Mzuri: A day with the Maasai

There are many moments when guests interact with the Maasai people during a stay at Mahali Mzuri, from the aeroplane window you can see local farmers grazing their herds below, through to meeting the team (many of whom are from the local area) to visiting the nearby local village and getting a flavour for life in the community.

At Mahali Mzuri guests are encouraged to learn about the area in which they are travelling in, so whilst our rangers are experts at spotting game, they are also experts on the community so don’t be shy when asking them questions about local life. The team work closely with the local villages and schools and can tell you how we support each other.

Immerse yourself in the Maasai village nearby to the camp for an invaluable encounter based on sharing.

Adorned with jewellery and wearing their infamous red robes the welcome you receive is unlike any other. You’ll be greeted with singing and dancing (which you’re encouraged to join in) and then introduced to the villagers.

The famous ‘adumu’, traditional dance of the Maasai men, then takes place and you are also invited to take part in the jumping competition.

Take a look around one of the incredible ekangs which are the typical oval-shaped houses made from the village’s mud and branches. You can also learn how to start a fire using sticks and a small amount of dry grass, which is made to look extremely easy to do but having tried it it's not!

Before departing visit the market that showcases beautiful hand-made crafts that they make themselves, from beaded bracelets to wooden toys there are plenty of gifts to choose from and make perfect presents to take home with you.

All proceeds for community tours go directly to the local village.

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