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Welcome to 2010!!

Hello everyone! Happy 2010! Can't believe that Christmas and New Year are already over and we are in January 2010! Where does time go?

We had a very exciting Christmas & New Year season here at the Kasbah with a lovely group of guests in over our 5-7 night packages!

The lead up to Christmas was filled with lots of fun walks exploring around the Kasbah with our ol'friend Mohamed. Christmas Eve,we went for a great trek up Mount Toubkal (albeit only a small portion- which my legs were certainly grateful for!) and enjoyed a fantastic Berber lunch. Then later saw Christmas in enjoying a devine 5 course tasting menu; whilst being entertained by a selection of Belly Dancers and other traditional Moroccan acts.

Christmas day we gathered all the family together in the reception area...being the 4 Mules, 3 Donkey's, 2 Camels (and a partridge in a pear tree!) and had the children come and meet them all armed with bagfuls of carrots!! Then low and behold (and goodness knows how he made all the way here!) Santa's little helper (and I am not referring to the Simpson's dog!) came trotting into courtyard seated on a horse drawn carriage, where the children where all given presents! (Big kids, don't worry, you all got your stockings the night before!). Throughout the day we had different entertainment and of course a traditional Christmas Lunch with all the trimmings...Well done Head Chef Lee! It was so filling many of our guests did not make it back in time to see the acrobats later that night and enjoy the cold buffet spred.

As for New Years Eve. Once again Chef outdid himself and prepared an exceptional 9 course tasting menu, after which we went up to the roof terrace to have our final course of dessert, just before the stroke of midnight when a fantastic firework display lit up the night sky! After fireworks, we went back down to the restaurant which had miraculously been turned into a nightclub...(ok ok not quite Roof Gardens, but certainly not a bad comparison!), and we danced the night away into the early hours with a live band!

Waking up the morning of 2010 we served a long brunch until 3pm and then shook our hangovers off and met in the restaurant to enjoy a wine tasting session!

So all in all a very busy holiday season! But lots of fun had by staff and guests! Hope to see some of you back again next year and lots of new faces too!

Guess now it is time to try to stick to our New Year resolutions, kick our bad habits and start the diet have 11months and 3 weeks to start preparing for the next one! Yikes!

See you soon

Stacey xxx

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