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Kasbah Tamadot

Kasbah Tamadot: We’re in the bird house

The team at Kasbah Tamadot never like to sit still and are constantly thinking of new and innovative ways that they can continue to develop the property to make it even better for guests, staff and the environment. Therefore, it's exciting to tell you about two new projects that have just been completed.

The first is the new bird house. Berber people traditionally love birds, especially pigeons, and this new bird house has been designed for Carrier Pigeons to come and nest. A few members of the Kasbah Tamadot team breed Carrier Pigeons so it was a result of this personal connection to this attractive bird that the project was first discussed about six months ago.

Bird house at Kasbah Tamadot

Five pigeon couples were welcomed to their new home at the start of February. It is important that the pigeons acclimatize to their new surroundings and call their new bird house 'home' forever. It took them about a month or so to really feel settled and after this time, they were released two by two. We're really excited to announce that we have had already some eggs so it looks like these popular birds are going to be a permanent feature at Kasbah for many years to come.

Bird house at Kasbah Tamadot

The second big development that the team have been working on is building a new green house for the vegetable patch. Work on the vegetable gardens started over a year ago, with the team initially planting 16 different varieties of tomatoes. This year, the team are looking to expand this to include 27 different varieties. Building a green house will enable the team to plant more tomatoes, as well as other vegetables and herbs, and ensure more of them germinate and grow successful. The colder weather in winter can have an adverse effect on how well the seeds grow, and now this warm green house environment will mean more survive. The team are looking forward to sharing their new crops soon!

Greenhouse at Kasbah Tamadot

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