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Kasbah Tamadot

Tent with a view

Salam alekum!

So I have to just jump right in and say beautiful is this picture?? Admittedly I am the one who took it...but I have no skills as a photographer at all and my camera was purchased cheaply on e-bay. So I am delighted to camera tricks or professional lighting photoshop...just a beautiful 'au natural' setting... Read a bit more and I shall walk you inside one of them....this is certainly not your typical camping trip!

tent with a view

We have 6 beautiful tents, all with their own name bespoke to the tent or its' surrounding. The deck I was standing on to take the opening picture was (not surprisingly) called "Afulky" meaning beauty. Others include (and I will go straight into the English translation) sun, shade, wind, tree & mountain.

Leading you into your tent is an ornate antique door (which once upon a time used to be a wardrobe door, one far too beautiful to be left in storage, so was converted into a tent door) fact through the whole of the Kasbah you will notice many strange and wonderful pieces from all over the world; thanks mainly to our previous owner who was an antiques collector whom, when selling the property, sold it to us in its' entirety, including a fabulous warehouse full of exotic antiques!

But back to the tents...walking inside, you immediately can see why they are called a luxury Berber Tent, as the stunning decor and small yet surprising details in the room are overwhelming. As you can see from the picture, it is not your typical tent interior. In fact, for those of you who ever read (or watched) Harry Potter, you may remember the chapter where they go to a Quiditch match and the tent they stay in looks (from the outside) like a small regular tent. But upon entering Harry is amazed to see it is huge with bedrooms, lounges and bathrooms galore....Well welcome to our tents!! And ours do not require magic...although they certainly have a magical feel to them!

All the bathrooms have a fantastic soaking tub with a separate walk-in rain shower, double basin and a throne with a view, lovely!

Your deck is equipped with 2 sun loungers, a table and 4 chairs, plus a heated plunge pool to dip into when the weather gets warm!

As I started with a picture of the view to the right of you tent deck, I will finish with one of the view directly in front of you from the deck.Like I said...these really are tents with a view! Hope you get to see it one day too! Bye for now...

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