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Kasbah Tamadot

Star of the year...

Star of the Year Award Nomination 2010

Mohammed Ousouka

Muleteer, Guide, Gardener & Animal Keeper

Mohammed will be known by those of you who have visited us and if you are soon to arrive you will meet him and most probably his family too.

Every year someone from each of the Virgin companies is chosen for their star like ways and invited to a special celebration dinner with the big boss!

Each VLE property has selected a star and this year Kasbah Tamadots' nominee is Mohammed. One of his dreams is to visit London and this year he might just do that...

19 years at Kasbah Tamadot

Favourite part of the job: "Spending time with guests showing them the beautiful Moroccan scenery and the Atlas Mountains"

Favourite memories: "I love New Year's when everybody is happy, having fun and coming to have a good time"

Why did Mohammed Ousouka receive 100% of the votes from Kasbah Tamadots HoDs?

"His is a name you will frequently hear with rave reviews at breakfast, lunch & dinner!"
Leesa Jones- General Manager Kasbah Tamadot

"Because of his permanent smile, continuity of good feedback and taking good care of the animals!"
Elhoussein Boussouka - Head receptionist Kasbah Tamadot

"Guests just love him and he manages to win everyone over every time!"
Stacey Cole- Front of House Manager Kasbah Tamadot

*What do the guests think?**

"Mohammed is a credit to the company"
Kasbah Tamadot guests 13th February 2010

"Mule Trek with Mohammed was fabulous"
Kasbah Tamadot guests 11th February 2010

"Mohammed is TOPS!!"
Kasbah Tamadot guests 12th February 2010

98% of guests ticked DELIGHTED or HAPPY for Mohamed's mule rides in 2009!!

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