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Kasbah Tamadot

She'll be coming round the mountain when she comes...!

Hey there bloggers

Greetings from the stunning Atlas Mountains! I'm very excited to be writing my very first blog! Trying to choose just one tale to tell you about Kasbah Tamadot has proven to be a job in itself... there are so many great experiences I have had already and I am only 3 months in!! So, I suppose the best thing to do would be (in the words of Julie Andrews) to start at the very really is a very good place to start!...

Let me introduce myself. I'm Stacey and I will be helping out the team at Kasbah Tamadot while the lovely Leesa is on maternity leave.

Looking back over the past blogs done by Leesa, I thought it may be nice for you all to have a first timers' opinion on things.

I must confess, that after being told by Gordo, the GM on Necker, that they needed me to move over to Morocco to help, my first thoughts were...'urgh, Morocco, why would I want to go there!?' (This did not help as the conversation took place seated on the balcony of the main house overlooking the clear blue waters surrounding Necker! I mean how could I beat that view??) However, I have always been one to enjoy a challenge! So with a heavy heart, I packed my bags a few weeks later and began my journey to Morocco!

After an adventure, somewhat resembling the film "planes, trains and automobiles"...I finally arrived in Marrakech and was greeted at the airport by Abdessadek, aka Abdel 2 (we have 3 of them!) who helped me to the car, which is a stylish Audi Q7 (aren't we fancy?)! I must say, it was a complete relief to get into this luxurious air conditioned car and offered an ice cold water to wash the Easy Jet journey down. We began the hour long road trip to Kasbah Tamadot. For the first 35 minutes, I was given a great rendition of Morocco's history and current affairs, but as we entered the mountain pass, I must confess my attention was instantly drawn to the amazing scenery... already I was beginning to see that I had been grossly mistaken about not matching the beauty of Necker!

I walked in through the gate and felt a little like Alice as she stepped through the looking glass. The grounds opened up before me with a fountain trickling away in the middle, to my right was a stunning old antique door and beyond a team of smiling faces armed with cups of freshly made mint tea, smoked almonds and fresh dates. Yummy! Kenton (our GM here) arrived shortly after and offered to take me on a guided tour of the hotel, and what a tour it is too! From the reflecting pool which has stunning fresh rose petals floating in it, to the library with a real eclectic selection of various books both fiction and nonfiction, to the breathtaking view from the roof terrace, which splendidly shows off the expanse of the Kasbah's grounds, the outdoor heated pool, the two tennis courts, the Master suite, the Berber tents and of course last, but in no way least, the remarkable Altas Mountains. What a location; what a place! It quite simply is breathtaking. And I am just a humble employee...

But what a job! Kasbah Tamadot has surprised me in so many ways adn I am hard-pressed to say why. Could it be the views? The grounds? The warmth of the staff ? The stunning interiors or the way you feel relaxed and at home the second you walk in? I don't know...But I do know that life is good! From the clear blue waters of the Caribbean to the high rising Atlas Mountains I am one happy girl indeed!

And I can't wait to welcome you too. So, I will sign off now until next month... during which I should have some good news of Leesa and Kenny's new arrival.

Til next time, Stacey

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