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Kasbah Tamadot News: The Dentist Maverick's get to work

Back in May, a team of volunteer dentists, aka the Dental Mavericks, took to the streets of of Asni to help improve dental care for hundreds of people, donating their time and expertise to provide pain free, cost free dental care to over 250 children and young people in Asni and the surrounding villages.

The Dentist Maverick's

In just two days the Dental Mavericks got to work, fast! Accomplishing more than they could ever have imagined, they were able to help over 140 children who were taken out of extreme dental pain and a staggering 325 painful teeth were removed and a further 250 fluoride varnish treatments administered to young people to help protect their teeth. This is a record for the Dental Mavericks, who were expecting to treat half as many.

The Dentist Maverick's

Cally Gedge, Dental Mavericks Co-Founder, Trustee and Operations Director says:

It is the first time we have treated such a large number of under 5s, which is ground-breaking because we really can get right in there from an early age and educate them on how to keep their teeth for life

You can watch a short interview of Cally during her visit to The Eve Branson Foundation here or you can check out more of what they do on their website

With the ongoing support of The Eve Branson Foundation a sustainable programme will continue to run in collaboration with local schools and governing bodies. The programme will work to promote the importance of regular tooth-brushing and has already been approved by the Local Minister of Health.

Well done to The Dentist Maverick's, great job!

The Dentist Maverick's

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