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Kasbah Tamadot

Kasbah Tamadot: The Big Clean

The Kasbah Tamadot team have never been one to shy away from a challenge. So when they noticed that their local village, Asni, wasn't receiving rubbish collections, it was time to help their community and take matters into their own hands. The team came up with a plan to clean up Asni, starting with a litter picking day that would give everyone the chance to restore the village to its rubbish-free, sparkling self.

On 29th May, 25 Kasbah Tamadot team members devoted their Sunday to the clean-up project. With around 200 people involved, including the local primary school children, it was a true team effort!

A group of 60 people celebrating in Asni following the big clean up around Kasbah Tamadot

Well done team! Let's put those hands in the air and celebrate

It doesn't stop there though; the ongoing rubbish collection project organised by Kasbah Tamadot will see rubbish collections take place 3-4 times a week in Asni from the 9 rubbish collection points that have been built as part of the initiative, with the waste headed to the Marrakech central rubbish point in collection trucks.

Two young girls holding open two rubbish bags ready to be filled with rubbish

All volunteers, no matter how small, helped with the clean up

The project has been supported by funds from Virgin Atlantic Adventurers, a team of the airline's most intrepid staff who raised money by climbing Mount Toukbal in December 2015. The money raised by the Adventurers meant that the buildings needed to house the rubbish for collection could be built. In addition, grants from the Eve Branson Foundation will pay for the transport of the rubbish to Marrakech's central waste depot. This project will directly benefit around 5000 people in the local community.

Two boys helping to pick up rubbish

Let's get a high-5 for keeping Asni clean

Feeling inspired? If you are visiting Kasbah Tamadot, you can help out too, by visiting our Berber Boutique, where 30% of the shop's revenue goes to supporting further projects through the Eve Branson Foundation, or you can donate here:

A group of 18 people putting rubbish in plastic bags

Bagging up the rubbish

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