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Kasbah Tamadot

Kasbah Tamadot: Food Glorious Food

Who doesn't enjoy the taste of and delight in growing their own food? Not only do you have the anticipation of waiting to see if the seeds you planted actually grow, most people would agree that the food tastes better after all the hard work and tears that goes into the growing process.

At Kasbah Tamadot, it has been a team ambition to grow more of the food they serve on-site and to introduce a wider variety of vegetables than the team can typically get their hands on. Therefore, earlier on in the year, the team started the process of planting their own vegetable patch. After the site preparation was complete in February, the first seeds were planted in seed boxes in March. Even though the weather didn't cooperate in May - the colder than average weather meant that some of the first batch of crops didn't grow successfully we now have some delicious vegetables ready for cooking and eating!

So what vegetables will we have on offer? The team have planted green beans, beetroot, sweet peppers, carrots, turnips and radishes as well as 16 different types of tomato. Could you tell the difference between an Oaxaca Jewel tomato and a Southern Nights tomato? As you can see from some of our most recent pictures, many of the vegetable are now ready for eating.

The vegetables are looking so tasty, even the turtles want to sample the produce!


Even through the food at Kasbah was already mouth-wateringly delicious, having this extra produce to draw upon will give our chefs lots of scope to create even more tempting dishes. We'll be sure to share some of their creations with you as soon as we have photos.

The vegetable patch at Kasbah Tamadot How many tomatoes can you spot? A plate of fresh vegetables

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