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Kasbah Tamadot

Goats, Gnaoua's and life in the High Atlas

Bonjour from the Atlas Mountains!

We've had a busy month here at Kasbah Tamadot... where do the days disappear to?! Our new treatment rooms at the spa are almost complete and the location just below the Master Suite will provide some amazing views over the valley. Once this is ready we'll be sure to let you know.

Our new Food and Beverage Manager Tom Aslanian joined us last week and is loving life in the Atlas Mountains so far. If you're visiting Kasbah soon, I'm sure Tom will make himself known to you when you're dining at the newly refurbished Kanoun restaurant (and it looks divine if we do say so ourselves!). Also hot on the menu are our themed evenings, serving up a mix of Moroccan cuisine and traditional music, or "Gnaoua" as it's known locally. Our guests tell us they love having the opportunity to experience a taste of the local culture.

If you've stayed with us before you may know that Eve Branson (Richard's mum) is a regular visitor to Kasbah Tamadot and to the local villages. She's been working hard with the hotel and Virgin Unite (the Virgin Group's entrepreneurial arm) to improve the lives of those living the communities around the property. The latest news is that Eve has been given the green light to send a herd of Cashmere goats to Morocco after overcoming many difficulties along the way. The initial export of goats was cancelled due to the outbreak of foot and mouth disease in England, but after endless phone calls, faxes and liaisons with the UK and Moroccan agricultural authorities it's all go. The goats will be flown out from England after a period of quarantine but they'll certainly be happy with the accommodation we've built for them. To say the goat shed is 5-star is no exaggeration!

We've had the opportunity recently to take some of our guests out into the community so they can visit the craft shop in the village of Tansghart (the village opposite the hotel - you can get a great view from the luxury of the infinity pool). The highlight of the trip for most, is visiting the craft shop where local women sew and knit to produce beautiful Moroccan crafts. Many guests end up buying something to take home as a souvenir of the Atlas Mountains.

Kenton, Theo and I are off on holiday for a couple of weeks but we'll post some more updates when we get back.

Warm regards,

General Manager, Kasbah Tamadot

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