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Kasbah Tamadot

Foodie Friday: Blue Cheese Dip

Calling all cheese lovers! This week Kasbah Tamadot's Head Chef, Benoit, has created the perfect accompaniment to go with any breadstick!

Find out how to make Kasbah Tamadot's Blue Cheese dip with walnut crumble and remember to share your creations using #kasbahtamadot #foodiefriday

Blue Cheese Dip with Walnut Crumble

Blue Cheese dip


Blue Cheese Dip
500ml          Double cream
150g             Blue cheese

Walnut Crumble
50g              Butter
50g              Flour
50g              Walnuts
Salt and pepper to taste
NB: For this recipe you will need a chinois strainer (a very fine sieve)


  • Bring the double cream to a simmer and incorporate the blue cheese

  • Remove from the heat and strain the mixture using a fine chinois; set aside to cool before placing in the fridge to chill

  • To make the walnut crumble combine all the ingredients together in a food processor until they form a dough

  • Place in the freezer until the dough is frozen

  • When ready to serve take the frozen dough out of the freezer, shred it using a cheese grater, and bake in a preheated oven at 160°C for 2-3 minutes

  • Put the blue cheese dip in a serving bowl or glass container; sprinkle the walnut crumble over the top and serve with breadsticks or Moroccan-style Pastilla 'cigars' ... Enjoy'

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