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Kasbah Tamadot

Eve Branson Foundation: Building a new craft house

One of the most frequent visitors to Kasbah Tamadot is Richard Branson's mum, Eve, but it's more work than play for her as she spearheads a successful charitable foundation, the Eve Branson Foundation (EBF).


The EBF aims to help the local people surrounding Kasbah Tamadot to set up sustainable enterprises. This includes a craft house run in the neighbouring village of Tansghart which is the village you can see across the valley from the hotel. The craft house is managed by locals and teaches skills to the young women in the area.

On Eve's recent visit to Kasbah Tamadot she travelled to the village of Tamgounssi, where the EBF is in the midst of building a new craft house in the hope of continuing the successes of the current craft house in Tansghart. Eve tells us in her own words about her latest visit to the village.


" My last day in the mountains and I was looking forward to visiting the village of Tamgounssi, where we have recently bought a plot of land and construction is now underway for a new EBF crafthouse.

Completion of the new craft house is projected for March 2016 and as it is only part built at this point, now is a good time to make any adjustments to the plans and add ideas, like developing the flat roof into a room for people to stay. It has fantastic views after all and a spare bed or two in this overpopulated village beyond the bustling market town of Asni would surely not go amiss!

Always time to stop for a cup of mint tea!

All of this takes money of course and our only source of income is through our annual fundraising polo event. The date to remember is 23rd April 2016! We hold a wonderful weekend of events including a magnificent launch party on 21st April at the Royal Mansour hotel, a breath-taking medina party at my daughter Vanessa's exquisite Riad El Fenn, and on the big day, Saturday the 23rd, we host exciting polo matches at the Jnan Amar Polo Resort. That evening there is a black tie gala evening and auction for the benefit of the Eve Branson Foundation. Who knows, if you are lucky enough to win the auctioned tennis match with my son Richard, you could also be with us on Sunday 24th April up at the majestic Kasbah Tamadot!

We hope that this incredible week in Marrakech in April will be enough to keep the Foundation going for another year and will allow us to further develop our ideas.

Tansghart Village Workshop

Meanwhile, when you next visit Kasbah Tamadot and the villages of the Eve Branson Foundation, be sure to buy the wonderful artisanal products our girls make and preserve the memories of your visit for many months to come."

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