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Kasbah Tamadot

Kasbah Tamadot: Clean and Tidy

You may remember last year we told you all about the first big clean that took place in Asni, the local village to Kasbah Tamadot. This initiative, to help make Asni clean and tidy, was a great success and a fantastic way for all the community to come together and make a positive impact on the surrounding countryside.

After this initial clean-up, a second one was organised this year. On 26th July, the three villages between Kasbah Tamadot and Asni collaborated to form an even bigger clean-up team! The aim was to make all villagers, particularly younger residents, aware of the rubbish disposal situation in the area and how their involvement can help make a real difference. On the day itself, over 200 children took part which was fantastic to see!

clean-up-3 clean-up-1 clean-up-4

In order to try and maintain the villages cleanliness, new bins have been installed by the road between Asni and Kasbah. The bins have been painted by local children aged 3-12 years old and are really colourful and fun. . See how many you can spot on your way to Kasbah!

clean-up-6 clean-up-5

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