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Kasbah Tamadot

Cashmere and champagne!

Good morning From a very sunny Asni,

Last week at last saw the arrival of the 30 Cashmere Goats donated by Barry & Pat Thorn. Pat travelled with the goats on a very tiring 24-hour trip, meeting Barry and all the paperwork in Casablanca! This project is the culmination of a tremendous amount of effort from all involved, including Eve Branson who was there to welcome the goats to their new home.

The goats couldn't be happier frolicking in a lush field surrounding their new house. To celebrate we took guests on a lovely walk across the river to Tangshart to meet Eve, the goats and some of the ladies of her association, all of whom have now had spinning lessons in preparation of making beautiful Cashmere items that will be available in the Virgin Unite shop behind Kasbah Tamadot soon!

Look forward to seeing you in Asni soon!

Kindest regards,

Leesa and Theo who had great fun chasing the goats!

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