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The Bush Times

Just as you will sit at home in the morning and read or listen to the news, we bush fundi's do the same thing, albeit in a slightly different manner. Tracker Donald Sibuyi will start his morning by saying, "It is time to go read the newspaper". After joining him and his brother ...
Mont Rochelle

A Very Special Guest

Our team was delighted to welcome a very special guest to Mont Rochelle.

In the footsteps of giants

There's no experience quite as humbling as walking in the bush. Strong coffee percolates while you lace up your boots and wait for the sun to come up before your feet hit the trail. You smell wild aniseed, see an African monarch butterfly land on a nearby twig, and you realize that one of the ...

Ulusaba Bush News: A dramatic lion encounter

Radio cackled into life - "Two young Ottawa lions located to the east of Incala, north of Dumphries". Lions brilliant. When we arrived there were not just two lions as expected, out of the bushes one at a time emerged the three adult females and behind them one Majingilan male. This was the ...

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