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Our cocktails


Red Edition £12.50

Strawberries and mmm! An easily quaffable concoction of Sipsmith London Cup, strawberries and Beaumet champagne, topped with a floral lavender and lychee foam.
£1 from this drink will be donated to Starlight, who grants once-in-a-lifetime wishes for seriously and terminally ill children. Thank you.

Agrodolce Symphony £12.50

Campari and Grand Marnier are shaken with fresh grapefruit and lemon juices and topped with Prosecco to create this fresh and citrusy Aperativo.

Death in the Meadows £12.50

Our own herby twist on Hemingway’s favourite hangover cure. GB William Chase Gin, lemon juice and sugar shaken and topped with Beaumet champagne before being spritzed with Absinthe. We can’t promise it’ll cure your hangover, but it will cure your sobriety.

Skye High £12.50

Sipmith gin, cherry and violet liqueurs, lemon juice topped with Beaumet champagne and spruced up with a “wee dram” of Talisker Skye whisky.

Upgrade to First Class

Make your champagne cocktail with Laurent Perrier Brut for an additional £2.50


The Kodiak £12.00

Quiquiriqui mescal, Hee Joy Spiced Rum, and Absinthe are stirred down with maple syrup and black walnut bitters for this big ol’ bear hug of an old fashioned. (N)

Flamingo Hula £11.00

Freshly picked rosemary is shaken with Quiquiriqui mezcal, homemade watermelon puree, lime juice and agave syrup to create this summer stunner. Are you going to be our flamingo in a flock of pigeons?

Plant Pot Punch £11.50

A Blend of Cana Brava white rum, Appleton Signature blend rum and Goslings Dark rum with pineapple, passion fruit and lime juices and grenadine. Be warned though this fruity little thing packs a punch.


Devils Paloma £11.00

Fresh muddled blackberries make this Paloma a devilishly delicious drink. Mixed with Ocho Reposado tequila, lime juice, agave syrup and grapefruit soda.

Babylon Sling £11.00

Tanqueray gin, Merlet apricot and cherry liqueurs, homemade grenadine, lemon and pineapple juice with a touch of soda. Good slings come to those who wait.

Candy Gin Fizz £12.50

Arbikie gin, Disaranno amaretto and fresh raspberries are shaken with egg white until fluffy. A quick dash of champagne finishes this sweet and fruity Ramos twist. (E)

House of Cardamoms £11.00

Chase vodka, raspberry liqueur, pear purée, fresh raspberries, apple juice and cardamom all built over crushed ice. Just don’t bring down the house.

Apple Aphrodisiac £11.00

Our sweet twist of a cult cocktail from the creator who brought you the 'Pornstar Martini'. An unusual blend of vanilla vodka, apple juice, Don Benedictine, Sauvignon Blanc and ginger. (Sp)

You Can’t Hurry Collins £11.50

You won’t have to wait for this long, summery cooler. Sipsmith Sloe gin is combined with Arbikie gin, rhubarb syrup and lavender, finished with a dash of soda. Another Day in Paradise awaits…


50 Shades of Lady Grey £11.00

This is one to make you blush. Whole blackberries are crushed and shaken with Tanqueray gin, apple liqueur, Lady Grey tea, lemon juice, honey and egg white. (E)

5th and Broadway £12.50

The bells will ring out for this one. Four Roses Single Barrel, vanilla, coffee and clove infused Grand Marnier and Martini Rosso make this Manhattan fairy-tale.

Pistachio Sour £11.50

Chase Vodka, Crème de Cocoa dark, apple juice, and pistachio syrup are shaken with egg white to create this tart little nutter. (E)

Green Eyed Margarita £11.50

Fresh avocado and ginger are muddled and shaken with Ocho Reposado Tequila, lime juice and agave syrup. Served with a smoky spiced salt rim, your friend will be green with jealousy.

Mai Thyme £11.50

A mix of Appleton Signature Blend rum, crème des fraise des bois, fresh lime juice, orgeat syrup and homemade thyme bitters. Now just sit back, relax and enjoy a bit of me time. (N)

Hi Honey, I’m Home £12.00

Belvedere vodka, Tokaji 6 Puttonyos dessert wine, lemon juice and spiced honey syrup are stirred and served strong and citrusy. Just don’t forget to ask the queen bee what she says after a long day at work. (Sp)


Strawberry Salad £6.00

Fresh strawberry purée with a mix of guava, pineapple and apple juices shaken hard and served long over ice and not a lettuce in sight.

Juniper Love £6.00

Want to feel sophisticated but don’t want the booze? Muddled juniper berries with a tangy mix of apple, pineapple and lemon juice and sugar syrup. Shaken and served martini style.

Passion Fruit & Apple Mo £6.00

Passion fruit puree, mint, lime, sugar and non-alcoholic apple flavoured rum, or apple juice in common parlance. Served with the same passion as its Cuban rum cousin.

Rhubarb Iced Tea £6.00

Apple juice, lemon juice, earl grey tea and rhubarb syrup are shaken and topped with soda in this tradition lemonade style iced tea.


Mezcal Negroni £11.00

Quiquiriqui mescal, sweet vermouth, Campari

Martinez £11.00

Tanqueray gin, sweet and dry vermouths, Maraschino

Manhattan £11.00

Bulleit rye, sweet vermouth, Maraschino

Hacienda £11.50

Don Julio reposado, vermouth, Benedictine, Maraschino