Necker Island

British Virgin Islands

Our Values

On Necker Island, our service style means always being professional and honest, and constantly searching for new ways to improve our guest experience. Taking care of the environment is also high on our agenda. Necker Island is committed to sustainable development and respecting the local community and environment in which we operate.

Some of Necker's ambitions and initiatives include:

We know that some changes can be made immediately and others may take some time, however we believe these are some of the areas we can make our business both more sustainable and kinder to the environment.

Meet the team

With the gorgeous Caribbean setting as your office, you might think that working on Necker Island wouldn't feel like work at all! Don't be fooled though, as our friendly team are hard at work behind the scenes at all hours of the day and night.

Our General Managers: Kenton and Leesa Jones

Kenton and Leesa are back at Necker Island but this time heading up the team as joint General Managers. They started their careers with Virgin Limited Edition a number of years ago on Necker where Kenton was the Activities Director and Operations Manager while Leesa was Spa Director. From there they took their adventure to the Atlas Mountains and held the positions of General Managers at Kasbah Tamadot for two years.

Kenton's favourite past time is kite-surfing (ideal for Necker Island) while Leesa has a huge fear of heights, which makes her decision to work for Virgin Atlantic Airways for five years an interesting one!


Head Chef: Clement Baris

Head Chef Clement, originally from Bordeaux is quite the jetsetter and has previously worked in France, Morocco and the UK before making the BVIs his home.

Clement steers towards light cuisines, has a passion for cooking fish and loves nothing more than preparing dishes that use the finest and most seasonal ingredients available, perfect for the Caribbean! He lives by a motto of ‘Less is more’ and when cooking he prefers to focus on two or three great flavours unless of course when he is preparing a Sunday roast with all the trimmings for the Branson family.


Chief Engineer: Adam Simmonds

Adam’s role is key in making positive changes for Necker Island including reducing our environmental impact and setting a great example for other island communities worldwide. Adam is responsible for managing all of our environmental and sustainable projects to ensure we’re at the forefront of environmental change and setting a precedent for other islands to follow! When Adam’s not in the office, you’re most likely to find him sailing, kite surfing or laying low with a book. With Necker Island as your backyard it’s a pretty ideal setting!


House Manager: Kathryn White

Kat lives and breathes the Virgin spirit, having worked for the group for the past 11 years and at most of the Virgin Limited Edition properties at some point. There is no typical day on the island and you’ll often see Kat buzzing around the island ensuring everything is looking its best and fielding calls from just about every member of the team.


Guest Services Manager: Lisa-Anne Redfern

Lisa is one of the busiest people on island and when she’s not managing a team of 10, she’s busy ensuring the island is up to the true Necker standard. Her team are responsible for our guests’ experience which can be anything from organising a romantic dinner for two or a casino night for 30 guests. Lisa’s Necker adventure started 8 years ago and her previous roles have included Head of Spa but now she is busy ensuring the guests are having an experience of a lifetime! When she’s not working you’ll find her out and about enjoying the Caribbean trade winds kitesurfing!


Wildlife Conservation Manager: Vaman Ramlall

It’s no secret Richard has a passion for animals and conservation and Vaman’s role consists of looking after all of our Necker animals along with developing both a conservation and breeding strategy for the Island. Necker Island has always been a haven for some of the rarer species of plants and animals and Vaman and his team currently look after over 300 flamingos, 8 species of lemurs, iguanas, tortoises and that’s just for starters! Vaman’s passion for animal conservation spills over into his free time too where he loves nothing more than educating the local children about wildlife living in the BVIs.


Watersports/Activities Manager: Marco Bava

Marco is the king of watersports on Necker – from kite-surfing, sailing, windsurfing and water-skiing to kayaking, Marco and his team can get you kite-surfing in 3 days! When Marco’s not busy looking after our guests or having fun out on the water, he is usually planning the next day’s activities with Sumo, our resident dog by his side. Marco also has many hidden talents, including being fluent in both French and Italian, so if you want a lesson on the water I’m sure we can arrange it.


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