Necker Belle

British Virgin Islands

Our Values

We believe in making a difference onboard Necker Belle and we're committed to ensuring our core brand values translate into the best possible experience for you, our guests. This means making sure that you get value for money, brilliant customer service, and of course have fun while you're with us!
Customer service to us means always being professional and honest - our crew is empowered to make decisions, and monitoring customer feedback is vital to make sure we continually improve your onboard experience. Even the little things count, like the soft toy anchor when you don't want to be disturbed in your cabin, to the marine toilet sign - a polite way of saying "bin it, don't flush it"!

Want to speak boat lingo?

Do you know your stern from your bow and your port from your starboard? Do you think a bridge is a way to cross water? Do you have any idea what you'd keep in the galley?

If you've lived and breathed the yachting world, you'll probably know all this... but never fear if you haven't - we've pulled together a quick list of all the useful boating terms you need for your cruise onboard Necker Belle!

For those of you who didn’t know!
Yacht - Necker Belle is a yacht or more accurately, a catamaran, which means she has two side-by-side hulls for more stability
Hull - the hull is the main body of the yacht and in the case of the catamaran there are two sections on the port and starboard sides which ride in the water
Port - the left side of the yacht
Starboard - the right side of the yacht
Bow - the front of the yacht
Stern - the back of the yacht (also known as the 'aft' section)
Beam - the beam is the width of the yacht
Bridge - the bridge is the area where the ship is controlled and navigated and where the Captain will sit to steer the yacht
Nautical mile - about 1.15 land miles
Knot - the number of nautical miles being travelled per hour. Necker Belle can travel in excess of 20 knots which is about 23 miles per hour
Bulkhead - a wall
Galley - the kitchen
Deck - the floor
Berth - a bed
Porthole - a window
Cabin - a room