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The Roof Gardens

Tasty treats from Babylon

What could be better than a cocktail on our Babylon terrace and digging into one of our Spring menu options?! Well nothing really, not when London is turning it on with the sunshine. Book a table online or call +44(0)207 368 3993 or &nbs

The Roof Gardens

The Roof Gardens takes on Tough Mudder

The Roof Gardens team are never one to shy away from a challenge, and sometimes when we aren’t even challenged to do something we will undertake it anyway. Some call us crazy, others nutters, we just like to think we are a pretty unique bunch with an unrivalled spirit (and maybe just that little bit

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A few tricks and plenty of treats from The Roof Gardens' Zombie!

Yesterday our zombie hit the streets of London to spook and scare everyone he came across. Within the strict time constraint of daylight hours (you don’t want to know what happens to him as it turns dark) a motorbike was the only transport choice for optimum speed, allowing him to cause maximum disruption. Following a

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Beat the cold and warm your cockles 100ft above London on Babylon’s Winter Terrace

Last night saw the launch of our Winter Terrace menu which features tasty baked cheeses such as Camembert and Stinking Bishop to enjoy with freshly baked breads…perfect for dipping into the warm flavoursome cheeses! To ensure you stay warm, our skilled bar team have created some delicious hot cocktails including Black Magic, a rich, spicy,

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What a great perspective @jasonhawkesphot - thanks for sharing

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