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Necker Island

The ideal Necker

  We’ve put together what a week on Necker Island can look like to really tempt you… Day 1 You’ve arrived at your private island paradise and champagne awaits! After a walking tour of your new home take it easy and settle in with a celebration dinner to get you into the swing of things.

Necker Island

New skills and thrills

Over the years the watersports team has acquired some of the best equipment available on the market as well as top class instruction skills for all levels. If the idea of kite surfing sounds daunting don’t worry, our talented team can get just about anyone flying high by their third lesson! Instruction is naturally included

Necker Island

Pack for a Purpose

We’re a proud member of Pack for a Purpose, an initiative that allows our guests to make a lasting impact in our local community. Some of our guests recently along with a group travelling elsewhere in the BVI donated over 20 kilos of much needed school supplies to the Robinson O’Neal School. If you’d like

Necker Island

New lemurs on Necker Island

Richard has developed a passion for trying to help preserve endangered species of lemur. We have just welcomed a new species  called the Mongoose lemur or Eulemur Mongoz.

A little bird told us...

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