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Necker Island

Necker Island news: Sneak peek into a day on Necker Island

Necker IslandOur PR Manager Charlotte jetted off for a visit to Necker Island in September to catch up with all the latest action on the island. In her own words…

“I’ve been lucky to visit Necker Island on more than one occasion over the last couple of years and my latest trip was just as wonderful as I remembered. The excitement you get when Necker Island comes into view from the speed boat on arrival is a real treat, and as always the team wave frantically to welcome us onto the island. We were greeted with a glass of Necker”s own champagne and ice cold towels that were scented with cucumber – instant relaxation!

On our first morning we took a guided walk around the island which provided lots of interesting facts on Necker Island”s history along the way. Ladies: it’s without doubt not flip flop walkable so pack the trainers if you plan to do a hike around the island! From the highest point of the walk we had unparalleled views of Necker Island and the piercing blue ocean. It’s one of those moments when you have to pinch yourself to check what you’re seeing is really real and take a mental picture in your head to remember it forever. It’s not every day you get to experience something quite so amazing and I have to say it was a real highlight of my trip.

Necker Island viewOur island walk was topped off with a visit to see the most recent additions to the Necker animal family – the lemurs. Vaman, who”s responsible for all the wildlife on Necker Island, talked enthusiastically about the purpose of them being on the island, the extinction risks and how they were doing in general settling in on the island. They all seem incredibly content and were quite mesmerising to watch. I wasn’t quite brave enough to hold one or feed them but could see why everyone finds them so fascinating. There was a really funny moment when one of the female lemurs decided to show us how she leaves her scent for the male lemurs to entice them to mate with her… Let’s just say it’s not a view you expect to see and had us in stitches laughing!

Necker Island lemursAnother highlight was the sushi lunch which arrived laid out on a canoe boat at the beach pool with the option to get in the pool and tuck in, or just to lean in from the sides. As you can see from the photo, it looks simply stunning but  tastes just as good! The sushi literally melted in your mouth and everyone couldn’t get enough. There were definitely full tummies all round and I think had anyone gone for a swim they would have sunk to the bottom of the pool!

Necker Island sushiOn the last night the chefs organised a beach barbeque which included a variety of meats and fish and was unbelievably tasty.  I think we had all managed to sufficiently stuff ourselves stupid at the beach barbeque that evening as later on when we were all sat on the comfy cushions and blankets laid out on the sand, a few members of the group fell asleep. That’s what good food, the sounds of the ocean and the odd glass of wine will do to you!

A visit to Necker Island is never the same and this trip pulled out more special Necker surprises!

Necker Island tribul nightCharlotte”s top tips:

  • Take a cocktail out to sunset point for one of the best sunsets around
  • Go for a walk around the entire island so you can dip your toe in the Caribbean and the Atlantic on the same day
  • Indulge your passion for animals – Necker Island has lemurs, flamingos, giant tortoises, a wide variety of birds and much more.