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Necker Island, Virgin Limited Edition

Ocean Unite – Meat Free Mondays

The team on Necker Island are constantly looking for new ways to promote sustainable initiatives across the island.

Virgin Limited Edition

Ocean Unite – Taking action on Climate Change

Promoting sustainable practices and pledging our support to climate change initiatives is something we are always proud to highlight at Virgin Limited Edition.

Virgin Limited Edition

Ocean Unite – Less Plastic is Fantastic

Across our collection of properties the teams have been working hard to eradicate plastic and create recycling strategies to put waste to good use, or in Ulusaba’s case put actual waste to very good use! That’s right, the team use Elephant dung to create paper which is used for menus and those very friendly welcome .

Virgin Limited Edition

Virgin Limited Edition: The Ocean is Everybody’s Business kicks-off!

Throughout June, Virgin Limited Edition will be supporting the amazing work of Ocean Unite, to help raise awareness around the issues of marine conservation.

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