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Ulusaba: Growing up in the Bush

For most people, spending a few days at Ulusaba is the experience of a lifetime.


Ulusaba: Exciting news for our Hippos… hip hippo ray!

At the time of writing Southern Africa is in the midst of a severe period of drought, and whilst this does have devastating effects in many aspects, exciting opportunities have been created that wouldn’t otherwise be the case.

Pride 'n Purpose, Ulusaba

Ulusaba: Laying down roots for Arbor Month

To coincide with the start of southern hemisphere spring in September, the Pride ’n Purpose and Ulusaba teams are gearing up for the start of Arbor Month, the perfect opportunity to go beyond the usual safari adventure and help change the lives of others.


Ulusaba: Guest Cub’s Club blogger

After a wonderful stay recently with her mum and dad, adventurous 10 year old Jodie Ramackers wrote us a lovely review of her stay at Ulusaba, highlighting all the exciting and surprising activities she got up to.

A little bird told us...

We're loving all your #GiveAFlyingDuck entries so far! Remember, if you find a duck, pass it on for someone else to……