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The Roof Gardens

We love LOVE!

Here at The Roof Gardens we love LOVE, and there’s nothing that puts a bigger smile on our faces than seeing happy couples tie the knot!

Paul & Vidas, the happy couple!

The lovely Adam and Tate said ‘I do’ at The Roof Gardens and the whole team were beaming from ear to ear when they shared their wonderful wedding story and photos with us! We hope that you enjoy reading their story as much as we did. (We are pleased to say that they still pop in to see us for lunch in Babylon and let us know how married life is going!)

Discovering the Roof Gardens

Tate and I had been visiting The Roof Gardens and Babylon for years so when we were discussing our wedding plans and we saw there was an upcoming wedding fayre at the Gardens, it was a wonderful coincidence. With the beauty of the Gardens, the professionalism of the team and the high quality food and drinks we knew it would be our venue of choice.

We got to the event and started putting ideas together, along with the Roof Gardens team and the suppliers present. We gave ourselves a year to plan, with the idea being that it wouldn’t stress us out, plus we could spend the first 6 months checking out suppliers and planning and then put the wedding in people’s diaries 6 months in advance.

During that first period, the team at the Roof Gardens and Virgin Limited Edition couldn’t have been more helpful. We’d drop in for lunch at Babylon every few weeks (normally on a Sunday – what an amazing Sunday roast!) and just sit sipping cocktails and refining our day.

The special day

An unconventional wedding plan

We started the plan in a strange way. We made a list of everything about weddings that we hated. So, having to negotiate family envy on who gets what role, people having to wear identical morning suits, arriving the realising you only know one other person from the place you all work together, and the cheesy speeches that no-one enjoys (your friends don’t care that your brother once saw you wet yourself when you joined primary school, it’s not a funny anecdote!)

So we paired the day back to something more fluid, something more contemporary and something more enjoyable – for both us and our guests.

It was to be a day where 85 people would arrive, mingle and get to know each other, enjoy the gardens, be entertained by a jazz band (classical is lovely but jazz is a perfect companion to a Spring day in the Gardens) and a magician – great for breaking the ice between strangers. Go to Babylon on a Sunday and be entertained by Zap the Magician while you eat, he’s a great guy. Oh and be guests and witnesses to our amazing day!

Everything was expertly planned out by the Roof Gardens who have a plan of what needs to happen and when. Having not done a wedding before this made life completely simple. It also removes the need for the expense of a wedding planner, after all shouldn’t you put your own personal touch into such an important day? Best of all, where The Roof Gardens had a relationship with the supplier, they took the billing into a single invoice. Having a single price and person to pay again keeps the whole thing simple and keeps you focused on designing your perfect day and not worrying about little trivia about what needs to be done, or who need to be paid and when.

The day itself

Without going into every detail, let’s just surmise the day as an utter success! Apart from the pair of us being joined happily together, every single guest commented that the venue was unique, beautiful and out of this world. No-one could believe that they were above the streets of London, it truly feels as if you’re in an English country garden.

Other compliments we received was that people were relieved by the more paired back and relaxed plan for the day and that the drinks, food and team serving them were the best they’d ever experienced at any wedding they’d been to – including their own weddings!

Of course, being married is about the couple but everything else around it makes the day just perfect. And with absolutely nothing to worry about, and any need or whim catered for effortlessly, it meant we could truly enjoy and immerse ourselves in the day and lose ourselves in love.


The honeymoon

What could be better than a VLE wedding? Attaching a VLE honeymoon too! We headed off a week later to the delights of Mont Rochelle in South Africa and then up to Kasbah Tamadot in Morocco. Both are a story for another time but both are stunning and gave us the best start to our married life we could have ever imagined.


We’d like to say a huge thank-you to everyone at VLE whether in London or further afield for our wedding. We couldn’t have done it in such love and style without you!

Congratulations Paul & Vidas!

All photography kindly provided by Linda Scuizzato of Neverland Photography