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Mahali Mzuri

Mahali Mzuri: February sightings – The big cats

This month is all about the cats! The Olare-Motorogi Conservancy is a great place for cats, generally, the three of big cats are always spotted within the area.

Tito the leopard

Starting with our famous Mahali Mzuri leopardess, Tito, who has been spotted with her new cubs below our swimming pool deck. They are about two months old now and on a beautiful morning or a clear day guests might be lucky enough to see the brother and sister playing on the rocky kopje! This is a second set of cubs that Tito has raised below our valley, making her officially part of the Mahali Mzuri family.

Tito and her cubs

Titos baby leopards

Tito and Fig are the two main leopards ruling our conservancy and are mostly spotted around during game drives by almost all our guests. Here are Fig and her daughter, Figle, busy watching some zebras from a distance. Figlet is about 11 months old and now she can start practising some hunting and stalking.

Fig the leopard Figlet the leopard

Within the Olare-Motorogi Conservancy this big male leopard controls it all alone! Any female within the area belongs to him! Fig, Tito are known within the conservancy, therefore, he is the father of Olare, (Fig’s first son), and Figlet. He is also the Dad of Simi, and his sister, both from Tito who now has two new born cubs which are hiding below our swimming pool deck. What a lucky chap!!

Male leopard

The Kenyan Wildlife Society has identified the Olare-Motorogi Conservancy as being the region in the entire Maasai Mara ecosystem with the highest concentration of lions. Consequently seeing a lion is almost a guarantee to guests who visit Mahali Mzuri, not forgetting the nightly loud roaring of the male lions as they mark their territories.

Lions in the olare-motorogi conservancy

Sometimes lions, and especially lionesses with young cubs will never dare to go close to the old bull buffaloes. This is a rare sighting of the Mahali Mzuri pride of lionesses with their young ones facing off the dagger boys, it was a sight to behold by our guests recently. These are two of the ‘BIG FIVE’ in close range. They are also one of the two alternate enemies in the wild.

Pride of lions

One of the old male lions within the conservancy, very famous around and quite a stunning male lion, Lolpapit and his companion have been in charge for two prides. He was recently seen on honeymoon vacation. Soon and very soon, new cubs will definitely be joining the Mahali Mzuri lion’s family, so exciting!

Lions on honeymoon