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Pride 'n Purpose, Ulusaba

Ulusaba: The Masungulo Preschool

We love to hear from guests after their stay with us and in particular hearing about their reactions following time spent with the Pride ‘N Purpose team.

Pride 'n Purpose, Ulusaba

Ulusaba: Ntseveni School Construction Project

The Pride ‘N Purpose team have been helping to coordinate and fund a new construction project at the local Ntseveni School.

Pride 'n Purpose, Ulusaba

Ulusaba: Community spirit

While visiting Ulusaba, community tours and excursions organised by Pride ‘n Purpose, are a fantastic way to engage and help give back to the local communities.

Pride 'n Purpose, Ulusaba

Ulusaba: Laying down roots for Arbor Month

To coincide with the start of southern hemisphere spring in September, the Pride ’n Purpose and Ulusaba teams are gearing up for the start of Arbor Month, the perfect opportunity to go beyond the usual safari adventure and help change the lives of others.

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Time to spa! With two spas to choose from at Ulusaba, a relaxing signature treatment 💆🏽‍♀️ is a must-do during your……

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