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Mahali Mzuri

Mahali Mzuri: International Women’s Day

At Virgin Limited Edition, promoting and supporting women across the business is something we continue to champion.

Mahali Mzuri

Mahali Mzuri: Rescuing an Orphan Elephant

On Friday, the team at Mahali Mzuri helped assist with the capture, treatment and relocation of an orphan 4 year old elephant found alone and injured in the Olare Motorogi Reserve.

Mahali Mzuri

Foodie Friday – Grilled Marked Tilapia with Lemon Rice

We’re heading over to Mahali Mzuri for this week’s Foodie Friday delights.

Mahali Mzuri

Mahali Mzuri: The Marvellous Maa Trust

Following the news from the Maa Trust earlier this year, we thought it was time for an update about all the new projects that have recently launched.

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RT @jdrbrown: Behind the scenes at Mahali Mzuri via @YouTube look at the smiles #mahalimzuri #Kenya #safari #virgi

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