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All things great and small

Our Rangers and Trackers come across many things in the bush and some of the smaller bugs and insects are just as interesting as spotting the Big 5! Check out some of our favourites from Ranger Calvin. &nbs

Bush Telegraph

Ulusaba bush news: Wild dog update

The bush is looking amazing at the moment with all of the rain and the bush is lush and there are pools and pans full of water everywhere and the Sand River is flowing strongly. The flower life, insect life, the bird-life and the wildlife has all been impressive over the last few weeks. One

Bush Telegraph

Ulusaba bush news: Tug of war – leopard vs hyena

This morning’s game drive could not have been more action packed. We spent the morning tracking Dawane, a huge male leopard, who had made a kill the day before. We located him eventually, lying in extremely dense spike thorn, just a spot on his back and flick of a tail visible. “Good things come to

A little bird told us...

Trevor from #ulusaba lets us in on how to take that perfect shot on safari @Chic_Collection