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Necker Island

Necker update

Last week was certainly one to remember for everyone at Virgin Limited Edition, and especially for our incredible team on Necker Island.

Kasbah Tamadot


We are very proud of Mr & Mrs Sukumaran – recently married in Jamaica.

Kasbah Tamadot

Ramadan in the Atlas Mountains

Some of you may wonder what Ramadan is all about? Ramadan is in fact the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, which lasts 29 or 30 days.

Necker Island

Necker Island is back in business…

We’re back and opened for business! Our team has been working extremely hard since the fire on 22nd August that destroyed the Great House.

A little bird told us...

RT @WineOsborne: Gustav #montrochelle farm manager checking fruit set in our miko chardonnay vineyard. #VirginFamily #vle #montrochelle. ht…

The Archive

  • 2017 December
  • 7th December 2017

    Mont Rochelle’s Head Chef, Shane Louw, has let us in on the secrets of one of his favourite Christmas recipes.

    6th December 2017

    After 16 years in his role as Virgin Limited Edition’s Managing Director, Jon Brown knows a thing or two about what makes each Virgin Limited Edition property tick! With just a a few trips to all of the properties under his belt over the years(!) we caught up with Jon to hear about his top tips .

  • 2017 November
  • 30th November 2017

    This Monday in Babylon we held one of our favourite events in our Christmas calendar, the annual tree lighting ceremony with Starlight Children’s Foundation.

    29th November 2017

    When guests ask us what kind of food we serve at Kasbah Tamadot, we say the food marries local produce and flavours.

    16th November 2017

    Over the past month, we have been celebrating the #VirginFamily.

    7th November 2017

    Tucking into mouth-watering treats is an everyday occurrence at The Lodge! If your heart is pining for a taste of that infamous Lodge cuisine, why not try your hand at making some of our delightful Blueberry Muffins.

  • 2017 October
  • 31st October 2017

    The team at Kasbah Tamadot are always enthusiastic about supporting and engaging with projects that help give-back to the local community, particularly as 90% of our staff are from the local area.

    26th October 2017

    Here at The Roof Gardens and Babylon we have an incredible team who work tirelessly to put a smile on our guests faces each and every day, and we aren’t just talking about the four flamingos! Last week we celebrated our long-serving colleagues by taking them for a very special night out.

    24th October 2017

    Here at The Roof Gardens we love LOVE, and there’s nothing that puts a bigger smile on our faces than seeing happy couples tie the knot! The lovely Adam and Tate said ‘I do’ at The Roof Gardens and the whole team were beaming from ear to ear when they shared their wonderful wedding story and photos .

    18th October 2017

    What does the perfect vacation look like? To me, it would have to include a high level of out-of-the-ordinary.

    17th October 2017

    We love to hear from guests after their stay with us and in particular hearing about their reactions following time spent with the Pride ‘N Purpose team.

    11th October 2017

    After his recent visit to the High Atlas Mountains, British Ambassador to Morocco, Mr Thomas Reilly, wrote about the importance of education in the region, something the team at Kasbah Tamadot have been championing locally for many years.

  • 2017 September
  • 20th September 2017

    Following the impact of Hurricane Maria in the Caribbean, we are very grateful to be able to report that all of our team on Island have been accounted for as safe and well.

    20th September 2017

    If you’ve stayed at Mont Rochelle you’re likely to have encountered two of our most familiar residents – our fabulous fibreglass rhino and elephant.

    14th September 2017

    As regular guests to Kasbah Tamadot will know, September marks the start of apple season in Asni.

    7th September 2017

    We are deeply saddened by the events that have taken place in the Caribbean and our hearts and thoughts are with our friends and family.

    5th September 2017

    There is always an abundance of exciting things growing in our beautiful Gardens, and last week our Head Gardener Pilar was delighted to harvest a crop of juicy plums and almonds from our fruit trees.

    5th September 2017

    At the end of a hectic day, when you find a moment to put your feet-up and enjoy a refreshing glass of Mont Rochelle, very few of us actually take the time to think about how this wine has ended up in our glass.

  • 2017 August
  • 31st August 2017

    At Ulusaba we are lucky enough to be located in a Big 5 area where there is a healthy population of elephants, but after 15 years of relative calm, the market for ivory is on the rise once again.

    25th August 2017

    You may remember last year we told you all about the first big clean that took place in Asni, the local village to Kasbah Tamadot.

    24th August 2017

    Richard Branson designed Necker Island to be his family’s holiday home and his own children spent almost all of their school holidays here when  they were younger.

    18th August 2017

    A stay at Mont Rochelle isn’t complete without a visit to our in-house spa.

    15th August 2017

    Producing local honey is not a new venture in the Motorogi Conservancy.

    10th August 2017

    It’s a popular saying that a cat has nine lives, and for the various prides of big cats living near Mahali Mzuri, it sometimes comes in handy to have that extra life or two! Over the past few months, it has been a particularly unsettled time for the local Iseketa pride of lions.

    7th August 2017

    Heading up a hotel team is no easy feat.

    3rd August 2017

    Without a doubt, this is one of our favourite times of year at Mahali Mzuri when the Great Migration is taking place right outside our front door and unbelievable animal sightings are taking place on a daily, if not an hourly basis! With so much happening, our Head Guide, Dickson, has given us a run-down .

  • 2017 July
  • 31st July 2017

    Producing fresh, local produce is something that the Kasbah Tamadot team have put a lot of time and effort towards over the past couple of years.

    26th July 2017

    Reading feedback about how much guests have enjoyed their stay with us is a real highlight to our day!  Recently, Jacqui Misener from Canada got in touch with us after her stay at Mahali.

    3rd July 2017

    In May, we kicked off our 2017 ‘Proms on the Roof’ series with a stellar line up of musicians from the prestigious Royal College of Music.

  • 2017 June
  • 30th June 2017

    We often say that game drives at Ulusaba are one of the most memorable parts of any visit, but this week was an extra special one for the team.

    12th June 2017

    Helen Tabois, Inspiring Travel Company’s Caribbean Product Manager, spent 14 hours on Necker Island and sampled a taste of island life.

    7th June 2017

    The team on Necker Island are constantly looking for new ways to promote sustainable initiatives across the island.

    6th June 2017

    Promoting sustainable practices and pledging our support to climate change initiatives is something we are always proud to highlight at Virgin Limited Edition.

    5th June 2017

    Across our collection of properties the teams have been working hard to eradicate plastic and create recycling strategies to put waste to good use, or in Ulusaba’s case put actual waste to very good use! That’s right, the team use Elephant dung to create paper which is used for menus and those very friendly welcome .

    2nd June 2017

    We were delighted to welcome a very special visitor to meet our resident flamingos at The Roof Gardens this week, five-year-old Daisy.

    2nd June 2017

    Following her recent stay at Kasbah Tamadot, Alex Wix, owner of travel and events specialists Wix Squared, has kindly written a guest blog about her stay.

    1st June 2017

    Throughout June, Virgin Limited Edition will be supporting the amazing work of Ocean Unite, to help raise awareness around the issues of marine conservation.

  • 2017 May
  • 26th May 2017

    There are so many features that we are proud of in the Gardens, but one of the teams favourites has to be the living wall.

    25th May 2017

    The Pride ‘N Purpose team have been helping to coordinate and fund a new construction project at the local Ntseveni School.

    22nd May 2017

    Our restaurant manager, Peter Avis, was delighted to be invited to a very special afternoon at St James’ Palace last week; The Diana Award’s inaugural Legacy Awards Ceremony.

    18th May 2017

    Following her recent stay at Mont Rochelle and Ulusaba, Caitlyn Chase, founder of popular luxury lifestyle blog Caviar and Cashmere, has kindly written about her stay.

    8th May 2017

    Unite BVI are a new not-for-project foundation based in the BVI whose vision is to create opportunities that inspire and empower the next generation to really take ownership and make a difference when it comes to environmental, educational and social issues in the region.

    3rd May 2017

    Well, what a journey it has been for our little feathered (or should that be rubber) friends.

  • 2017 April
  • 25th April 2017

    With The Lodge now closed after a busy winter season, the team are having a well-deserved rest, as well as getting themselves prepared for the summer when The Lodge opens again in June.

    21st April 2017

    The team at Kasbah Tamadot never like to sit still and are constantly thinking of new and innovative ways that they can continue to develop the property to make it even better for guests, staff and the environment.

    11th April 2017

    Due to its prime location in the Olare Motorogi Conservancy, witnessing breath-taking animal encounters is largely what makes game drives so spectacular at Mahali Mzuri.

    3rd April 2017

    While visiting Ulusaba, community tours and excursions organised by Pride ‘n Purpose, are a fantastic way to engage and help give back to the local communities.

  • 2017 March
  • 27th March 2017

    At Virgin Limited Edition, promoting and supporting women across the business is something we continue to champion.

    23rd March 2017

    On 25th March 2017, Virgin Limited Edition will be supporting the 10th anniversary of Earth Hour.

    14th March 2017

    One of the most raved about parts of any stay at Mont Rochelle is the quality of the food and drink we serve.

    8th March 2017

    Our Pastry Chef, Kate Malcolm inspires us every day with her tasty creations from the Babylon kitchen.

    1st March 2017

    Rhino poaching is currently at crisis point all over Africa, with the numbers of rhinos being killed by poachers on the rise.

  • 2017 February
  • 17th February 2017

    The past few weeks have been a very busy time for our resident Wine Maker, Dustin Osborne, and his team as they have just completed the 2017 harvest.

    15th February 2017

    As any parent will know, one of the hardest decisions to make with young children is to decide where and when to take them away on holiday.

    6th February 2017

    Following the recent rainfall we mentioned on recently on the blog, there has been a good amount of rain for the first half of the summer and so the animals and vegetation are reaping the rewards.

    1st February 2017

    This year, the Virgin Limited Edition ducks have been spreading their wings and venturing out into the big, wide world.

    1st February 2017

    Now our 2017 #GiveAFlyingDuck competition is in full flight, we have some lovely news from the team at the Tansghart Woodwork Centre in Asni, Morocco.

  • 2017 January
  • 31st January 2017

    After a hard day on the slopes, or maybe not quite such a hard day by the pool, nothing is guaranteed to help you relax more than a visit to our in-house spa.

    24th January 2017

    After gruelling months of drought (the most severe following the lowest annual rainfall ever recorded in South Africa), the start of the rain has been a welcome relief for many of the animals who live in the area.

    17th January 2017

    Besides the white sandy beaches, delicious food and cheeky lemurs, the most celebrated part of a stay on Necker Island is our brilliant staff.

    9th January 2017

    #GiveAFlyingDuck in 2017 and join our ducks as they journey around the world to see some of the most far flung places, doing some good while they’re at it.

    6th January 2017

    It’s that time of year again.