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Richard’s lost his diary!

Richard Branson has lost his diary! Click here to read Richard”s blog and plea for anyone who might have come across it.

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Pride ‘n Purpose update

It’s been a while since our last update so what better time than half way through 2012 already! We started off the year with a bang and finally got all the paper work and contracts signed off for the new Literacy centre at the High school.

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Necker Island animals: Scarlet Ibis success

We are reintroducing three species to the British Virgin Islands, all of which died out there maybe 100-150 years ago.

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Ulusaba safari news: Our latest sightings

It’s always good to end on a high note! I’m in the last week of my stint here at Ulusaba and it’s nothing but good times and adventure.

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The Lodge – Sir Richard Branson’s Swiss Retreat…

The Archive

  • 2018 August
  • 7th August 2018

    One of our favourite things about The Lodge is the food! Being so close to nature, our chefs are lucky to have an abundance of fresh ingredients right on the doorstep.

    6th August 2018

    Take a gentle stroll down into the gardens, along the path towards the Berber tents and past the tennis courts where you’ll discover our kitchen garden; complete with vegetable patch and our very own special tomatoes.

    2nd August 2018

    Win a 3-night stay at Kasbah Tamadot! This summer, make your friends red with envy by winning a luxury 3-night stay at Kasbah Tamadot in Morocco…#holidaygoals To enter all you need to do is share a picture of your past or present ultimate travel experience, follow @virginlimitededition on Instagram and # your winner worthy pic .

  • 2018 July
  • 19th July 2018

    It is said that a good mother is the essence of survival for any family and that a good mother will do whatever it takes to ensure the upkeep and the survival of her kids.

    10th July 2018

    Take your holiday to new heights and escape to the Swiss Alps this summer.

    2nd July 2018

    Nothing beats a bit of good news and so we were delighted to read the latest press release from the South African Tourism board this week which announced: Annual rains have arrived in Cape Town, bringing with them not only much needed rains, but renewed excitement and reinforcing the message “We’re open for business!”  Those of you who read .

  • 2018 June
  • 22nd June 2018

    When you think of the Kenyan bush, lush green pastures doesn’t usually spring to mind but since the rainfall at the beginning of the year, the team have seen some of the tallest grass ever! Despite the high level of grass, the conservancy did not disappoint with some of the most spectacular sightings photographed by .

  • 2018 May
  • 28th May 2018

    We’re excited to announce that our restaurant Miko has launched a series of live music evenings.

    25th May 2018

    Dining at Ulusaba is one of the best parts of your stay, whether you choose to dine out on the deck watching the African sunset or in the dining room, our chefs have to work hard to compete with the specular views of the bush below to ensure that our delicious dishes are equally as .

    24th May 2018

    From the moment that we walked through the door, everything was instantly taken care of ……glass of champagne immediately in hand, bags already whisked up to our room.

  • 2018 April
  • 27th April 2018

    Kenya is blooming this month! The so-called ‘green season’ takes place in the Mara reserve each March, June and November when there is more rainfall than usual, and the surrounding vegetation flourishes into a stunning shade of emerald green.

  • 2018 March
  • 23rd March 2018

    Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do and throughout the year our teams work hard to take care of the environment and the local communities which surround our hotels and retreats.

    15th March 2018

    To celebrate Earth Hour and the launch of the Sustainable Restaurant Association’s ‘One Planet Plate’ campaign on Saturday 24th March, our Head Chef Yassine Khalil has combined traditional Moroccan cooking with fresh springtime ingredients to create a dish which celebrates local produce and plant-based cooking.

    13th March 2018

    We caught up with Executive Chef Yassine Khalal to discuss his biggest inspirations in the kitchen, favourite dishes and what makes Kasbah Tamadot so special… 1.

    12th March 2018

    We’re delighted to share the news that Necker Island will be welcoming guests back for both Exclusive Use bookings and Celebration Weeks from October 2018.

    11th March 2018

    As today is Mother’s Day in the UK we thought it was fitting that we share our latest news from the Eve Branson Foundation.

    8th March 2018

    With today being International Women’s Day, we wanted to mark it by celebrating the work Betty Ataitai does.

    1st March 2018

    This month is all about the cats! The Olare-Motorogi Conservancy is a great place for cats, generally, the three of big cats are always spotted within the area.

  • 2018 February
  • 16th February 2018

    February 17th is National Random Acts of Kindness Day which encourages acts of kindness all over the world.

    16th February 2018

    As you may be aware the Western Cape of South Africa is currently experiencing a drought, due to three years of lower than average rainfall.

    13th February 2018

    We love LOVE and with Valentine’s Day just around the corner we caught up with the experts (otherwise known as our General Managers) to hear their top tips for creating the most romantic of stays.

    2nd February 2018

    Passports at the ready, the latest issue of Lifestyle has landed and we’re looking forward to a busy and exciting year head in 2018.

  • 2018 January
  • 22nd January 2018

    Here at Kasbah Tamadot, we love hearing about our guests stay and particularly enjoy seeing photos they share with us.

    12th January 2018

    Sourced from the Forest of Ifrane in the North of Morocco, the truffle harvest takes place from December to February.