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Pride 'n Purpose

A great start to the new year

Stop the press! We have some fantastic, amazing, incredible, wonderful news from Dumphries Village… We now have clean running water on tap! The local government has put in 10 communal taps on the main street supplying fresh, clean municipal water to the community! Pride ‘n Purpose will continue to work with the community to fast .

Necker Island

Foodie flavours on Necker

Hello from Necker Island! I’d like to introduce my myself; I’m Ashley – Head Chef out here on Necker Island.

Necker Belle

At sea with the Branson's & diving with hammerhead sharks

Last week, Necker Belle was put to her toughest test yet and I’m not talking weather conditions.

Kasbah Tamadot

Tent with a view

Salam alekum! So I have to just jump right in and say it…how beautiful is this picture?? Admittedly I am the one who took it…but I have no skills as a photographer at all and my camera was purchased cheaply on e-bay.

A little bird told us...

RT @WineOsborne: Gustav #montrochelle farm manager checking fruit set in our miko chardonnay vineyard. #VirginFamily #vle #montrochelle. ht…