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New life aplenty

No sound to be heard, no breeze blowing, the heat is extreme, the atmosphere just hanging in the midday African heat! Birds, animals & even insects are taking cover from the heat wave… Clouds are building & forming huge columns giving the promise of rain but alas… Trees, shrubs & plants are fighting for moisture .

The Lodge

Skiing along in a winter wonderland…..

Hi all, Looks like the UK has as much snow as we do, although we are probably having more fun in the snow than those of you in the UK; that’s what we are here for! So, winter has arrived, and what a start to the season we have had already! The new team has .

A little bird told us...

RT @WineOsborne: Gustav #montrochelle farm manager checking fruit set in our miko chardonnay vineyard. #VirginFamily #vle #montrochelle. ht…