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Mahali Mzuri

The latest word from Jon

Richard Branson recently visited Mahali Mzuri in Kenya and shared his reflections on a country whose natural beauty and diverse wildlife is too often overshadowed by news headlines. Tourism is more important to the Kenyan economy than ever before and our commitment to the camp and the local people that make the magic happen is

Necker Island

New skills and thrills

Over the years the watersports team has acquired some of the best equipment available on the market as well as top class instruction skills for all levels. If the idea of kite surfing sounds daunting don’t worry, our talented team can get just about anyone flying high by their third lesson! Instruction is naturally included


Mont Rochelle named in the Conde Nast Traveler 2015 Hot List

We’re delighted that Mont Rochelle has been included in the Conde Nast Traveler 2015 Hot List. It’s still not quite a year since reopened so we’re very chuffed indeed. &nbs


One of those moments

We’ve been treated to some spectacular sightings recently we’ve one magical sighting in particular the one that gets you excited and conjures up stories that you’ll be telling for years. We’ve been lucky to have a mother and her cheetah cubs on our property for the last week for the first time in at least

A little bird told us...

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